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What people say about Cellfield

What is Cellfield?

Cellfield is a unique programme which helps people break through the barrier to their learning caused by dyslexia and related processing issues.

Cellfield achieves quick results and sustainable results. Average gains of 2 years in reading age can be achieved after just two weeks. These  gains continue to improve over time. Cellfield works for both adults and children.

Provided by University-trained professionals, Cellfield can be life changing because of the positive effect on self-belief and confidence which result from improvements in reading and language processing.

  • Cellfield is a world-first brain-plasticity-based programme which, directly addresses inefficient neural wiring in the brain. These changes bring about permanent and sustainable improvements in reading and language processing.
  • Cellfield really is life-changing; in addition to improvements in reading and language, Cellfield also impacts positively on overall self-belief and confidence as language skills improve.
  • Cellfield delivers results in just weeks. Average gains of 2 years in reading age can be achieved after just 2 weeks and the gains increase during the follow-on phase.

Why reading is important.

In our modern world, strong reading and writing skills are crucial to success in studying for exams and maximising potential. Whilst learning to speak is relatively natural, learning to read is more difficult because children need to learn how to transform what they see into speech.

Despite good teaching, it is estimated that about 30% of children struggle with reading and language and these difficulties often persist into adulthood. In many cases, these difficulties are labelled as dyslexia however the reality is that dyslexia is just one of many barriers to learning which hinder progress. And these barriers seriously affect self-confidence and achievement.

Why some people struggle with reading.

Brain imaging research has shown that poor readers have fewer reading brain circuits in the wrong places. It is this difference that makes reading hard work and too slow for good comprehension to develop. There are neurological differences between good readers and readers who struggle. This is why a brain plasticity-based programme like Cellfield can really help. There are other programmes that help address reading difficulties. But what differentiates Cellfield is that it has identified the critical functions in the brain necessary for normal reading. It then focuses on the neural wiring in the relevant parts of the brain to bring about permanent and sustainable change.

What people say about Cellfield.


My Cellfield Journey    

My name is Lucy and this is my Cellfield story.

From a young age we always knew something wasn’t quite right. Going to school every day thinking I was just stupid and I needed to work harder. No matter how much I tried it never made any difference. Leaving primary school with very insubstantial SATs grades I just presumed it was all my fault. Carrying on my education in Secondary School, being in the lowest sets for everything, not getting any support, it made me feel so down and I had no confidence in myself at all. The final year of Secondary School came and my GCSEs were the worst I could imagine. I had nothing. I felt like a failure and I was never going to be a nurse and get my dream.

My mum found out about Kip McGrath and booked me in with Clare. I was thinking nothing would change and it would be the same old story – that I just need to work harder but it was the total opposite. In fact it was the worst news I could have heard – but also the best news. I got a 2.2 in a dyslexia test, some of the highest numbers there are. It was from there that I felt the relief that it wasn’t that I needed to work harder it was that I needed help and support.

Cellfield was my only option. I completed Cellfield in 6 days (normally it’s a 10 day course of intense work). It completely changed my life for the better. I now have managed to go to college completing my A Level in Health and Social Care – receiving a grade B. I’m now on my way; studying for my dream of becoming a children’s nurse. Passing assignments that I would have never dreamt of passing made me realise how much Cellfield and Kip McGrath has actually changed me.

Clare from Kip McGrath was my rock through it all, she started my journey and my journey is still going and the support I still receive is amazing. This was such an emotional experience for myself and I shall never forget what I was told: I can do anything as long as I am determined and put my mind to it. Anyone who is wanting to change their life, whether they’re adults or children, it’s the best experience you will ever have.

What Parents Say:

“Amy was officially diagnosed with Dyslexia through school during year three, the school thought there was an issue during year 1 but due to guidelines she couldn’t be tested until year three.
She struggled with spellings, reading and writing neatly. After attending Cellfield Amy’s spelling have improved greatly her understanding of words has increased, her reading is amazing compared to what it was.
Cellfield has helped with her eyes, concentration and enabled her to focus on her work for longer periods of time.
Amy continues to attend Kip weekly.”

“School is much easier now than it was before”

“I really enjoyed going to Cellfield every day. I could feel my reading getting better over the two weeks. Before I went to Cellfield I didn’t really like reading books but now I love reading them”

“I have improved, not only academically: I am now able to remember directions and routes to places I go to all the time, which I struggled with before, and I’m more confident in speaking. I don’t stumble over words anymore and it’s amazing how 2 weeks of my life has completely changed the rest of my life”

“Thank you for your help in getting my confidence up in reading and writing and spelling. I feel great after all the help you gave me”

“I think it is a profoundly life changing treatment for any person to undertake. My son’s life has changed”

“Brilliant! Gave confidence to a reluctant reader”

“It has helped us as parents and our son to remove major blockages to his reading and improved our son’s confidence. You can’t put a price on that!”

“After just 2 weeks of Cellfield my daughter’s reading skills have improved so dramatically I can hardly believe it. She is now reading so much faster and can understand and follow the story so much better”

“We think of Cellfield as our long-awaited miracle. It opened the gate and introduced our 10 year old son to the literary world. He cannot put a book down now”


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Your free assessment is conducted by a fully qualified teacher who will provide an independent education appraisal.

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