A Centre of Excellence in 11+ and GCSE preparation with a 95%+ pass rate in 11 plus entrance exams. An excellent reputation in the area for improving student’s GCSE grades.

Kip McGrath Scunthorpe has been providing outstanding tuition in Maths, English, Science and 11+ exams since 2008. They are also a certified Cellfield Dyslexia centre and offer a unique approach to overcoming reading and dyslexia difficulties. Now offering online and in centre face to face tuition, Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Scunthorpe are able to help even more students.

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Tracy, Andy and Will Gillis.

Hi Clare, Gareth and Kerry. Just to inform you of Will's results, he passed all ten of his GCSE's, seven of them being grade C's.We know that in one component of his chemistry he achieved an A star, which was fantastic, and in biology an A. As you know over the years Will's maths has always been his weakest subject, however he achieved a grade C thanks to all the hard work from Kerry and yourselves this past school year. We are all so pleased with his results, and now he is able to continue into further education with the college and courses of his choice, which are BTEC level 3 diploma in sport, and either A level biology, or A level psychology. Once again many thanks to you all, we wish you all the best, you deserve it with all the hard work and dedication you put in.

Michelle & Chris - Luke's Parents

Dear Clare, We are writing to let you know that thanks to your great support Luke has been accepted into Queen Elizabeth High School. It would not have been possible without your 11 plus expertise, p[patience, encouragement and above all having faith in his ability and of course Luke's superb effort. A massive thank you to you and Holly for assisting in building the foundation for Luke's secondary education.

K E Colley (Mother)

Amy was officially diagnosed with Dyslexia through school during year three, the school thought there was an issue during year 1 but due to guidelines she couldn’t be tested until year three. She struggled with spellings, reading and writing neatly. After attending Cellfield Amy’s spelling have improved greatly her understanding of words has increased, her reading is amazing compared to what it was. Cellfield has helped with her eyes, concentration and enabled her to focus on her work for longer periods of time. Amy continues to attend Kip weekly.

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