Lucy Tate

Age At Time of Cellfield: 17 years 4 months &  21 years 10 months   Years: 2016 & 2020

Reasons For Completing Cellfield:

Lucy knew that something wasn’t quite right. She went to school every day thinking she was stupid and needed to work harder. No matter how much Lucy tried, she felt it never made any difference. When Lucy left primary school, her SATs grades were low, and she blamed herself. At secondary school, Lucy was put in the lowest sets for every subject, and without support, she felt low and had no confidence in herself. Lucy said that her GCSEs were the worse she could imagine, that she had nothing. Feeling like a failure, Lucy believed that she would never fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse. “Cellfield was my only option. It stimulates the neurons (which don’t often fire efficiently in dyslexic people) in the brain and lays new pathways.

Parent and Student Comments:

It completely changed my life”. Lucy continues, “The course is normally completed in ten days as an intense program, but I completed it in six. Since... I have volunteered…to support some of the younger Cellfield students and after completing Cellfield I completed a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care; I passed assignments that I would never have felt possible. Cellfield has changed how I was able to read, process information, and write assignments. Cellfield and my continuing journey was such an emotional journey for me, I am so grateful for the opportunity and for the support I have received. I completed the program for a second time just before starting my nursing degree…My commitment and dedication were rewarded, and I was able to access support at university and through the Cellfield Centre at Scunthorpe”.


Immediate results post-treatment:

Word identification improved by (1)52 months (2) 24 months, and Word attack by (1) 67 months (2) 13 months. Reading speed improved from 104 wpm to 137 wpm. A Level in Health and Social Care – receiving a grade B. Graduated with a foundation degree in Health and Social Care. Studied a degree in pediatric nursing, graduating with a 2:1 (Hons) in November 2022 from Sheffield Hallam University.

Current Education/Career Status:

Pediatric Nurse at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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