Orla McDaid

Age At Time of Cellfield: 20

 Reasons for Completing Cellfield:

Orla worked incredibly hard to achieve high grades at GCSE and A-Level. When she started her degree in Medicine, dyslexia was identified in her second year. Orla contacted the Cellfield Centre in Scunthorpe following a dyslexia diagnosis and completed the Cellfield dyslexia programme to help speed up her reading and processing speed. Orla had a significant eye tracking issue which slowed down her reading speed.


Parent and Student Comments:

Orla said, “I found Cellfield very helpful. I’d say that after the first week of doing the course, I noticed some improvements in my reading and being able to pronounce new and difficult words.  I am now able to read much faster and I’ve found tracking the words on the line much easier.  I am now rarely losing my place on the line of a large piece of text and it has had a significantly positive impact on my university work.


Immediate results post treatment:

Word identification improved from 15.11 years to 19.0+years Word attack from 18.6 years to 19.0 years+

Eye tracking saw a significant improvement.

Current Education/Career Status:

Final Year of Studying Medicine at Liverpool University.  Orla has just passed her final exams and is now Dr. Orla McDaid; she will commence her first job as a Junior Doctor in August 2023.

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