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English Language and Literature analysis skills are integral to a successful Secondary School education. If your child is showing signs of struggling, then it’s time to act now before it’s too late. If your child is behind in their Secondary English classes or they’re ahead and need pushing to help them achieve the highest grades, Secondary School English tuition is just what they need to enhance their skills and build confidence!


As an English Language Tutor, We can help your child succeed with:

  • Language analysis
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Vocabulary


By Providing English Literature Tuition, We can help your child succeed with:

  • Analysis and evaluation of language, structure and form
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Critical and Comparative Understanding of Texts
  • Critical Reading Skills


FREE English Assessment

We’re delighted to be able to offer a FREE English assessment to help you understand where your child needs the most help. We’ll evaluate their reading, spelling and analytical skills and work out where the focus should be. If you find the centre is a good fit at that point and you want to book some Secondary School English Tuition sessions then that’s great, there’ll be no pressure – we just want what’s best for your child.


Name of Student

Nadina Skinner

Dates Attended

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I first came to Kip McGrath Scunthorpe when I was at senior school. I was really struggling with my Maths and Science, after my year 11 mock exams I failed both Maths & Science. With Science being my worst subject I got a G and in my Maths I got a D. Clare was very supportive and with her help and lots of hard work I passed both subjects during my GCSE's. I got a C in both Maths and Science and a D in English. I decided to go back to Clare during my college year to help me pass my English. Again Clare gave me the help I needed and I sat my English resit and passed with a B. I was over the moon to jump from D to B. There's no way I could have passed without the Kip McGrath centre's help. Not just helping me to pass exams but a lot of advice and tips that I still use today. The centre also teaches you how to sit your exams and present your work & how to answer your exams questions. I am now studying at Edgehill University where I got a high achievers Scholarship due to having higher than the entry standards for my BA Hons degree course. I owe a lot to Clare and her team at Kip McGrath; I am very grateful to them.

- Nadina Skinner (Kip McGrath Student)