We can help with Maths Tuition for Secondary School...

Numeracy skills are integral to a successful education. If your child is showing signs of struggle then it’s time to act now before it's too late. If your child is behind in their Maths class or they’re ahead and need pushing to help them succeed, Maths tuition is just what they need!


As a Secondary Maths Tutor, we can help your child succeed with:

  • Numeracy skills
  • Time
  • Estimation and rounding
  • Fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
  • Data and analysis
  • Boosting grades
  • Pass Entrance exams
  • Building confidence


FREE Maths Assessment

We’re delighted to be able to offer a FREE maths assessment to help you understand where your child needs the most help. We’ll evaluate their numeracy, mathematical and arithmetical skills and work out where the focus should be. If you find the centre is a good fit at that point and you want to book some Secondary Maths Tuition then that's great, there’ll be no pressure – we just want what’s best for your child.


Name of Student

Amy Colley

Dates Attended

Sept 2016


Amy was officially diagnosed with Dyslexia through school during year three, the school thought there was an issue during year 1 but due to guidelines she couldn’t be tested until year three. She struggled with spellings, reading and writing neatly. After attending Cellfield Amy’s spelling have improved greatly her understanding of words has increased, her reading is amazing compared to what it was. Cellfield has helped with her eyes, concentration and enabled her to focus on her work for longer periods of time. Amy continues to attend Kip weekly.

- K E Colley (Mother)